Keep Up With The Lake House Jan 5

Lake House HVAC Replacement Schedule

The HVAC systems at The Lake House are scheduled to be replaced. There are two systems at The Lake House. One serves the meeting room side and the other serves the fitness side. Beginning on 12-20-21, the HVAC system on the fitness side will be out of service for up to 2 weeks. Beginning on 1-3-22, the HVAC system on the meeting room side will be out of service for up to 2 weeks. The Lake House will remain open during these scheduled replacements. We have attempted to schedule this work to coincide with moderate outdoor temperatures in order to maintain comfortable conditions inside the building. The HVAC replacements will not affect the air or water temperature conditions of the indoor pool which is a separate system. Thank you for your understanding as we work to keep our facilities in great condition.

Fitness and Recreation

The January schedule for fitness and recreation classes is now available. It does not include the semi-private classes listed below. To view it, click here

Please note that Early Rise Yin Yoga will be suspended beginning in January. There is a new class, Vin to Yin, that will take place on Tuesdays at 7:45 am starting January 4.

Another new fitness class beginning in January on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm is HITT It and SPIN It. This will start on January 5.

January Semi-Private Series & Fitness Classes

Golf and Pickleball Semi-Private Series – This 6-week series for all sports enthusiasts will improve your performance and help prevent injuries. Open to both men and women
–Fridays at 12:00 pm from January 14 – February 18. $72.00 for the series.

Chair Fitness Semi-Private Series – You can now sit down and get fit with these chair exercises. The program is modified due to immobility, balance issues, or recovery from an injury or surgery.
–Wednesdays at 10:30 am from January 12 to February 16. $72.00 for the series.

Body Strong Semi-Private Series – This class focuses on becoming strong, confident, and stable in your own body. It is a bodyweight resistance strength class.
–Thursdays at 7:00 am from January 6 to January 27. $40 for the series.

Fitness Rewired 4-week (Outdoor) Semi-Private Series – This class focuses on cardio, strength, mobility, balance, and overall fitness. It will give you a challenging workout.
–Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 8:30 am from January 3 – January 28. $120 for the series.

HIIT Express Semi-Private Series – This 30-minute class will give you a great workout. It incorporates high-intensity interval training that will challenge your body.
–Mondays at 7:00 am from January 3 – January 31. $50.00 for the series.

RIDESBI Semi-Private Series – This 9-week semi-private series is open to participants of all levels. Modifications are provided. Bring a towel and water to class.
–Saturdays at 8:30 am from January 1 through February 26.  $90 for the series.

Yin Yoga Semi-Private Series – This class is a slow, soothing, and meditative style of yoga where the legs, hips, and lower back are the main benefits.
–Tuesdays at 5:15 pm from January 4 through January 25. $56 for the series.

Chair Yoga Semi-Private Series – This is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support.
–Wednesdays at 2:30 pm from January 5 through January 26. $56 for the series.

Yoga for Fitness Semi-Private Series – Tone and strengthen the core, extremities, and back muscles through this yoga flow. It can help improve everyday physical functioning as well as your golf or tennis game.
–Thursdays at 2:45 pm from January 13 through February 17. $90 for the series.

For more information about the classes above, go to and click on The Lake House, Semi-Private Series, or click here to be directed to the page.

The Seabrook Island Property Owners website includes everything you need to know about all the classes, any cancellations that may occur, The Lake House Spa, and The Lake House Guide. Once on the SIPOA website, look at the area close to the top of the homepage for The Lake House. There is a dropdown menu with all this information.

The Lake House Property Owner Spotlight

If you come to The Lake House, you may see this smiling face and know the amazing one and only…Stukie Valentine! But, did you know….

At 89 years young, Stukie works out four to five times a week for at least an hour with a positivity that is unmatched.His dedication to an active lifestyle is inspiring; however, it is not just his physical fitness that we would like to highlight. He is a constant ray of sunshine that brightens The Lake House. The epitome of kindness, Stukie treats everyone like his best friend. From fellow Property Owners to employees, he always makes it a point to engage with everyone. With that said, beware! If you make eye contact with him in or around the fitness center, you could be asked to partake in what has become the “Stukie Drop and Give Me 40 Challenge.” Meaning, he wants you to do 40 pushups with him.

Stukie is one of the many Property Owners that make The Lake House the great place it is.

Thank you Stukie for being you!

-Submitted by Jamie Mogus Mixson, The Lake House Manager