Meet Sam Dolinsky Candidate for 2022 SIPOA Board of Directors

The separate annual elections for Seabrook Island Club (SIC) and Seabrook Island Property Owners Association (SIPOA) are approaching. We encourage you to vote for both SIC and SIPOA. Please remember the following:

  • The information below is for SIPOA. SIC will be sending out an email with candidate information as well as voting for their board. SIC elections are limited to club members only.
  • The email you will receive from SIPOA will be coming from Association Voting. The sender on these emails is, not SIPOA. It is one vote per property for SIPOA and the primary email on file will receive the ballot.

Our family first came to know Seabrook Island as a place to vacation during the ’90s. In 2004 we committed to SI by buying a lot with grand plans. In 2010 Sarajane and I purchased a home on Privateer Creek Road and became full-time residents the following year. Our three grown children and seven grandchildren know this is “home”.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the City College of New York and an MBA from the City University of New York with a concentration in industrial psychology. While pursuing my graduate degree I taught in the New York City School System.

My business career began with a chemical manufacturer where I had corporate responsibility for professional staffing and training. I was later recruited to lead the Management Training function for the Eaton Corporation, a global, diversified manufacturer, in Cleveland, Ohio.

I remained with Eaton, for thirty-two years culminating as the corporate Vice President of Leadership and Organization Development with responsibility for executive development, succession planning, coaching, organization development, as well as creating Eaton’s Corporate University.

Over the years my interests led to serving as a trustee or member of an advisory committee for an array of Northeast Ohio community organizations targeting education, the arts, human relations as well as regional economic development.

On Seabrook Island, I have been a member of the Long-Range Planning Committee for the last five years playing a role in the Bi-Annual Survey Sub-Committee, its focus groups as well as the current study on Volunteerism. In addition, I played an advisory role for the Nominating Committee for two years helping the Committee refine their process before engaging potential Board candidates.

Sarajane and I also had the pleasure of hosting the Charleston Chamber Music during their home concert series. In addition, I serve as a mentor for the College of Charleston’s MBA program.

As Seabrook Island grows and changes, we potentially benefit from an infusion of people with a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience who have chosen to join us. Leveraging their capabilities is essential to what we are as a community and what we will become. Our vitality is dependent on volunteers. While many will gravitate to areas of personal interest, we need to emphasize the role island governance plays in helping perpetuate what we all value about Seabrook Island. We must encourage people to step forward. In that spirit, we also need to assure that the intake valve on our pipeline to island governance is open and opened early. Newcomers must recognize the critical role governance plays and become more involved early in their assimilation.

While my career plan never included staying with one business for more than thirty years, I did have the opportunity to work under five unique CEOs, each of whom breathed life into the values and vision of the organization. They continue to serve as my model of excellence for leaders in general, whether C-Suite executives or members of a Board of Directors.

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-Submitted by the SIPOA Nominating Committee