Turtle Patrol Needs Help

If you have a desire to help conserve the turtles on Seabrook Island but don’t want to get up early or get all sweaty and sandy, we need you.

Amanda and Joshua Shilko, two of the three leaders of Seabrook Island Turtle, have relocated from Seabrook Island to the Florida Keys. This is a wonderful bonus to the turtles in the Keys but will create a large void here on Seabrook Island. We all wish Amanda and Joshua well in their new adventures; we will miss their leadership and friendship.

Jane Magioncalda will continue to lead and will be the Department of Natural Resources nest protection permit holder for Seabrook Island. She echos everyone’s sentiment that the Shilkos will be irreplaceable. Their technical expertise and willingness to work tirelessly on patrol matters while still working full time were invaluable to the patrol.

While they will be impossible to replace, the work of the patrol will continue. Everyone sees patrol members on the beach on a daily basis during the season but there is behind the scene work that goes on throughout the year. The patrol is particularly in need of individuals with computer skills who would be willing to assist.

If you have a desire to help protect the turtles on Seabrook Island, but as mentioned above, you don’t want to get up early or get all sweaty and sandy, or maybe you aren’t here in the summer, there are other tasks that are available. Anyone interested can send an email to hello@siturtlepatrol.com or call the turtle patrol phone number at 843-310-4280.

-Submitted by Jane Magioncalda