Accessing Wildlife Sighting Forms

Many Seabrook Island residents look for ways to learn more about the animals and wildlife they encounter almost daily. Where they live, what are their habits, what do they eat, how do they raise their young, are just some of the things residents are interested in learning more about. Fortunately, there is a method in place that allows residents to not only to learn some of these things but also to help contribute to the data collection.

For several years, the SIPOA Environmental Committee has used information submitted on “Wildlife Sighting” forms that are accessed through the SIPOA home page. Most residents are, at the least, curious about the diversity and habits of our non-human residents. They are particularly interested in high profile species such as bobcats and piebald deer.

Through information submitted on the sighting forms, the committee can obtain useful information about the number and location of individual species, their movements and habits, and other bits of helpful data. Residents are also encouraged to submit comments on any unusual, or interesting wildlife behavior they might observe. Although not statistically accurate, such a database can give useful insight into the numbers and health of individual species populations.

To report a sighting is easy. Go to the home page. Look for the tab ‘Wildlife-Sightings/Map’ and click on that. You will find a place to report sightings, a map of previous sightings and photos of wildlife observed on Seabrook Island. Or click here to go directly to the ‘Wildlife-Sightings/Map’ page.

Thank you for your help with wildlife sightings.

Tidelines Editors

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