Turtle Patrol Report for July 15-July 21

It is an exciting time for the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol. We are seeing a number of our earlier nests hatching, or boiling as we say, and still getting new momma turtles looking for good real estate for their nests. We appreciate everyone being considerate of the hatchlings and the mother turtles. Even the youngest children can do their part by cleaning up their toys and allowing the tide to take out sandcastles. Inventories are conducted three days after a nest hatches and everyone is welcome to join us to learn more about these fascinating creatures. Education is provided and you might even get to see a real live turtle hatchling! Information about upcoming inventories can be found on Tidelines and the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol website

Nests 68, 69, and 70 – July 15
Friday was a busy morning on the beach with 3 new nests, one of which was a “wild” nest that was surreptitiously laid about 2 months ago.

Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda discovered a hole with baby turtle tracks very close to a crawl that was found back in May. We were unable to find the eggs at that time but the appearance of these hatchlings has confirmed the existence of what is now known as Nest 68!

Marnie Ellis, J-Anna Smith, and Kim Warchol found a meandering crawl into the bird sanctuary. Nest 69 had 153 eggs that were moved 50 yards south of peg 4 on North Beach. This unusual clutch of eggs had two double eggs and one triple egg. The viability of these types of eggs is unknown.

Will and Anne Snelgrove with Melanie Jerome

Melanie Jerome with Anne and Will Snelgrove found Nest 70 in front of the second cross at Camp St. Christopher. This nest was able to be left in situ. 

Nest 71 crawl

Nest 71 – July 16 Bill Gruebel found Nest 71 between Boardwalks 2 and 3. A new location higher in the dunes was created for 118 eggs in this nest. While Bill was reticent to appear on camera, a photo was taken of the classic Loggerhead crawl.

July 18  No new nests but a few hatchlings were spotted early Monday morning heading to the ocean from Nest 2.

Nest 2 hatchling

Lynda Zegers, Pam Salvestrini, Ruby Jenkins and Mary Van Deusen

Nest 72 – July 19
Lynda Zegers, Pam Salvestrini, Ruby Jenkins, and Mary Van Deusen found Nest 71 about 100 yards north of Boardwalk 1. Since this expert turtle momma found a safe and secure spot, the nest was left in situ.

Nest 73 – July 20 
Kathy Noel, Kathy Thompson, and Judy Morr found Nest 73 just north of Boardwalk 3. Ninety-eight eggs were moved to higher ground.

Kathy Noel, Kathy Thompson and Judy Morr

-Submitted by Anne Snelgrove for SI Turtle Patrol