SIAG September Artist of the Month – Bonnie Younginer

Bonnie is a fiber artist working originally as a weaver. Several years ago, she added needle felting and wet felting to her art form.

After retiring from a 30-year career in Interior Design and owner of Younginer Group Interior Design, she found weaving. She is self-taught in weaving and needle and wet felting. Her goal is to interpret the beautiful natural habit of Seabrook Island and render the scene in fiber, using the wet and needle felt process. She weaves interruptive tapestries on a large upright tapestry loom and also weaves on a Rigid Heddle loom, allowing the ability to use other weaving techniques not usually done on an upright loom. In a weaving, the weft, (the yarn that goes across the weaving) is almost always done with wool yarn or wool fibers, while the warp, (the vertical strings) is always done with cotton rug warp. This offers strength and durability to the weaving. Some of her weavings include “dangles” made from polymer clay to complement the weaving.

Bonnie is originally from upstate South Carolina. She moved to Columbia, S.C. in 1975 to attend the University of South Carolina where she earned her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree and took additional courses in Studio Art. With her husband, Michael, she moved permanently to Seabrook Island in July, 2019. They has been married 40 years and they have two grown sons and one granddaughter.

Bonnie has pieces hanging in the boutique hotel, Hotel Trundle, in Columbia, S.C. and at the Pink Lotus Yoga Center in Lexington, South Carolina. She was selected twice to show at the Indie Art Show Crafty Feast in the Midlands of South Carolina.

There will be a reception for Bonnie at The Lake House on Thursday, September 1 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. Please come by and see Bonnie’s beautiful artwork!

-Submitted by Bonnie Younginer

(Image credit: Bonnie Younginer)