SIGC to Host Local Author of Green Spaces and Wildlife

Friday, November 11
Presenter: Charles Moore

Location: Oyster Catcher Community Center

Greeting and refreshments: 9:30 am
Business meeting: 9:45
Presentation: 10:00 am with Q&A following

Join us for the Seabrook Island Garden Club’s November meeting, featuring guest speaker, Charles Moore, well known former Seabrook Island resident, as he delivers a presentation on the importance of green space on Seabrook Island.

The survival of all wild things depends on their ability to find suitable food and habitat. Seabrook Island is blessed with a healthy wildlife community of whitetail deer (including the uniquely colored piebald deer), bobcats, raccoons, alligators, opossums, foxes, turtles, dolphins and over 130 species of birds. The lush vegetation and natural beauty of our island are no accident, but are instead the result of the vision of the original developers, with the establishment of strong environmental covenants and continued environmental stewardship by its residents.

Traveling the South Carolina coastal area for twenty-eight years and living for fifteen years here in Seabrook Island, author Charles J. Moore came to understand the importance of green spaces for wildlife survival. He has used his lifelong love of photography to convey the natural beauty and abundance of wildlife of Seabrook Island. The mission of the Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy is to preserve and enhance the natural environment on Seabrook Island through acquisition of land and land easements, through education on environmental topics, and through advocacy of conservation issues. Charles’s book will be available for purchase via cash, check or Venmo.

We look forward to welcoming you to the garden club! *Non-Garden Club members may attend for a $5 donation.

The 2022-23 Seabrook Island Garden Club: Let’s Talk Some Dirt!

-Submitted by Beth Wright, Seabrook Island Garden Club Publicity