Possible Freezing Temperatures This Weekend

Storm Team 2 is forecasting freezing temperatures in the coastline areas overnight Friday, December 23, through Monday, December 26. Rain is not predicted at this time, but the temperatures are expected to be below freezing. The possibility of high winds may make the wind chill temperatures even lower. Storm Team 2 is also predicting single digit wind chill temperatures.

There are several things you may want to do to prepare for temperatures below 32°F.

  • Plants are the most susceptible to damage during freezing temperatures. Bring them in if possible or cover the most fragile ones. Fabric, bed sheets, burlap, or commercial frost cloths are good insulators. Don’t use plastic. Click here to read more about protecting your plants.
  • Protect your exterior water pipes from freezing by dripping exterior faucets (slow droplets or slow streams of water) and turning off irrigation systems to help reduce damage from freezing and breaking. If you have insulation covers, now is the time to put them on. Click here for more tips on protecting your home from freezing temperatures.
  • If you live in a house or villa that is raised above the ground, you may want to drip your interior faucets as well.
  • Consider leaving cabinet doors open in the kitchen and bathrooms, so your pipes will be warmed from the room air.
  • Know where your water shut off valve is in case you need to turn off the water.
  • Keep an eye on your pets as you let them out. They too can slip and fall on the ice.

Be prepared, be safe.

Tidelines Editors.