SI Photo Club, Photographers of the Quarter, Sue Dostal/John Sesody

Seabrook Island Photography Club announces Sue Dostal and John Sesody as the Featured Photographers of the Quarter.  Please see their statements below and look for their work posted on the Featured Photographer Wall at The Lake House. The wall is located in the hallway just before the library.

Photographer’s Statements:

Sue Dostal: I’ve visited Seabrook since the late 1990’s, typically three to four weeks a year and then, in 2018, after retiring from United Healthcare, I purchased my current home and became a full-time resident. My interest in photography pre-dates Seabrook. In the 1980’s I traveled to Germany and while there, took black and white photos at the Dachau Concentration Camp which were published, in conjunction with an article, in a small Midwestern newspaper. This was my only “claim to fame” in the photographic world, until now, of course! I love Seabrook, its wilderness and wildlife, its warm community spirit and its active lifestyle. I also love golf, dolphins and traveling (as some of these photos show).
With these photos, we have joined together to share with you our travels, our family, and what we love about life here, and each other. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!!

John Sesody: I’ve lived on Seabrook for more than seven years, exploring and learning about the beauty and fascination of the Lowcountry. I’ve lived in many different places ranging from New York City to Quechee, VT to Scottsdale, AZ. I’ve always enjoyed travel and the thrill of the new. However, I have to admit, being a city boy, that’s I’ve not gotten quite close enough for a good ‘gator’ shot. But I do enjoy photography and the memories it helps us capture. Starting with my Kodak Brownie and graduating to an instamatic, my current “favorite’ is my iPhone camera for it’s ease, portability and forgiveness.

-Submitted by Valerie Doane, Seabrook Island Photography Club

(Image credit: Sue Dostal/John Sesody)