Public Notices from the Town of Seabrook Island

Public Apology to Nathaniel Reyes

The Town of Seabrook Island would like to express our sincerest apologies to Nathaniel Reyes and his family for the release of incorrect information that we initially received on June 30, 2023, from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office.

Nathaniel Reyes was mistakenly represented in several photos related to a burglar/squatter suspect, Ryan Sherod Luttrell, in and around the Seabrook Island area. We would like to inform the residents and businesses in the community that Mr. Reyes’s photo erroneously appeared in the Town’s post and that he is in no way associated with Ryan Sherod Luttrell’s activity.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

Public Notice: Burglary Suspect Arrested

Update from Charleston County Sheriff’s Office

Ryan Sherod Luttrell

Thanks to a tip from a Seabrook Island resident, deputies from the Charleston County Sheriff’s office were able to locate and arrest Ryan Sherod Luttrell on the evening of Friday, June 30, 2023. Luttrell has been charged with burglary in the second degree and entering (for attempting to enter) a house or vessel without breaking with intent to steal or commit a crime.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island