Andell Annexation “Note to Residents”

It has been over 30 years since the Town of Seabrook Island has received a request for annexation and in response to resident’s questions about the annexation of Andell, and to provide transparency to the project, the Town of Seabrook Island has created a page on its website dedicated to this proposed annexation where all resources for residents are located.

This page provides public access to all available application materials, supplemental materials, meeting information (including agendas, minutes and a video) and project timelines in one central location. Residents will also find the projected timeline with meeting dates for the annexation. All information pertaining to the Andell annexation can be found at:

We would like to invite residents to review the information that is provided so to gain an understanding of the process and knowledge about the project in its entirety so that you can be apprised of all the facts of this proposed annexation.

Individuals wishing to submit a public comment on the request may do so via the Online Comment Form at the bottom of the Andell page. Comments received prior to the Planning Commission meeting will be forwarded to members of the Planning Commission and Town Council. However, once the Planning Commission has made its recommendation to Town Council, the Online Comment Form will remain open until the official public hearing date. Public comments received after the Planning Commission has voted, but prior to the official public hearing, will be forwarded only to members of Town Council.

Public comments may also be emailed to  or delivered to Seabrook Island Town Hall (2001 Seabrook Island Road) by mail or hand delivery. We do ask that anyone wishing to submitting comments by email, mail, or hand delivery, please include your name and address.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island