TOSI Tropical Storm Idalia Damage Reporting

The Town of Seabrook Island (TOSI)is asked to report damages from Tropical Storm Idalia to Charleston County. Property Owners are asked to submit reports of structural damage, downed trees and flooding to the Town by email to:


Property owner damage reports should include a brief description of structural damage sustained and, if known, the value assessment of the extent of damage (it is preferred that damage reports be submitted without a value assessment if not known). 

Please include your name, address, and photos of the damage (if available). The reporting of this information should not be considered a claim for reimbursement. Residents should file claims for damage or other losses with their insurance company.

Any information received from residents and property owners will be aggregated and reported to Charleston County as part of a countywide damage assessment.
Property owners and managers with rental guests should forward this information to their rental guests. Owners and managers of commercial establishments are also encouraged to share this information with their employees.

-Submitted by Town of Seabrook Island