The Fleming Flash – October 8

The Fleming is finishing up with some exciting final matches today at the Seabrook Island Racquet Club. 

The Seabrook Island Club is having a pop-up event at the Racquet Club from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm for brunch and cocktails.  Be sure to bring your appetite!

Here are the highlighted final matches for Sunday, October 8:

Men’s Doubles:

  • 60s –      Jarck/Koelling vs Glassman/Watkins 12:45 pm SEA
  • 65s –      Oppenlander/Myser vs Phillips/Perry 1:00 pm SEA
  • 70s –      Richardson/Ashley vs Williams/Barker 1:15 pm SEA
  • 40s –      August/Montgomery vs Rojas/Polychron 1:00 pm SEA
  • 65s –      Bunch/Thomas vs Phillips/Perry 12:00 pm SEA
  • 75s –      Polychron/Ficarra vs Luce/Kennedy 3:00 pm SEA

Men’s Singles:

  • 30s –      Fraser vs Brodie 9:00 am SEA
  • 40s –      Hane vs Rojas 12:00 pm SEA
  • 60s –      Koelling vs Koehler FINAL 9:00 am SEA
  • 65s –      Ream vs Hebrank FINAL 9:00 am SEA
  • 70s –      Engelbrecht vs Richardson FINAL 8:30 am SEA

Women’s Doubles:

  • 30s –      McEntee/Lyford vs Easton/Munn 8:30 am SEA
  • 40s –      Waters/McEntee vs Butler/Hagood 1:30 pm SEA
  • 50s –      Hartsock/Rothschild vs Kaleel/Charlton 8:30 am SEA
  • 55s –      Rothschild/Stubbs vs Kaleel/Charlston 12:45 pm SEA
  • 60s –      Williams/Love vs Hollman/Young 1:00 pm SEA
  • 65s –      Dean/Smith vs Babb/Peiffer 10:30 am SEA

Women’s Singles:

  • 55s –      Dillon vs Hayes 10:15 am SEA
  • 60s –      Young vs Jones 9:00 am SEA

Mixed Doubles:

  • 40s-       Hagood/Hane v Waters/Peng 8:30 am SEA
  • 50s –      Williams/Williams vs Snow/Hollman 10:30 am SEA
  • 60s-       Love/Sawyer vs Nichols/Gordon-Carney 9:00 am SEA

If you want to see the full draws, you can click here; be sure to use the drop-down menu to find the correct age group and gender.

NOTE ABOUT OUR AMAZING PHOTOS – We’ve had some great tennis going on every day as part of the Alan Fleming Tournament.   If you haven’t been able to watch all the matches you were interested in, don’t forget that we have a large library of photos which are being published online on a daily basis.   Our volunteers’ goal has been to get a few shots of every player in every match.  We’ve probably missed a few, but most of the matches are well covered with high quality images.

Web-sized images (2048 pixels) are free for unlimited download.   Any profits on purchases of prints or wall art goes 100% to the Seabrook Island Employee Assistance Fund.    To view these photos just click here.  Images are organized by day and are chronological within each day. We also post some of the photos on the tournament website. You can see those by clicking here.

We think you will agree that we have photographic evidence that our tournament players have really been “leaving it all out there on the court”! 

-Submitted by Debbie Pickens, Alan Fleming Tournament Chairperson and Ellen Smith, Communications Chairperson