Crooked Oaks Irrigation Project

The Crooked Oaks irrigation project will begin in early November as the contractor, Environmental Solutions, will start fusing pipe on the course. The HDPE pipe will be fused in 200-foot lengths and pulled to areas around the course where it will later be installed.

This is a time of preparation and will last into mid-December. At the same time, a utility boring company will also be on-site in November and December, installing pipes under our roads and bridge crossings around the course. Mid-December will be when the pipe really starts going in the ground, with mainline construction starting on 9 and 10 and working in opposite directions towards the 3rd hole where the pump station is located. At this time, laterals will be pulled into the ground, and the sprinklers will be attached around each hole. The project will last through the spring season and end by May 2024. 

Irrigation Renovation:
Start November 2023
Completion May 2024

-Submitted by Seabrook Island Club

(Image credit: Seabrook Island Club)