Announcement for 2024 Candidates

On November 13, 2023, the SIPOA Nominating Committee announced the following candidates for the 2024 SIPOA Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

Board of Directors, Three-Year Term (Four available positions)

Nominating Committee, Two-Year Term (Two available positions)

Per SIPOA Bylaws §7.6, additional nominations for the Board and Nominating Committee may be made by written petition signed by fifty (50) or more Property Owners in Good Standing. Nominations must be delivered in writing to the Secretary within thirty (30) days after the Secretary has posted the names of nominees on the SIPOA website and in the SIPOA principal office. The deadline for submittal of petition is December 13, 2023.

Official Statement can be viewed here.

-Submitted by David Cruse, Secretary SIPOA Board of Directors