Mt. Zion Holiday Fundraiser

The Mt. Zion Holiday Fund Committee is seeking your help to put smiles on the faces of Mt. Zion Elementary school children during the holidays. The funds you contribute will be used to buy clothes, shoes, books, and toys. Every family also receives a gift certificate for a holiday meal.

For 17 years, your contributions have made a merrier holiday season for over 1,300 students and their families. Please consider a donation to give these children and their families a memorable holiday experience.

You may make your check payable to Mt. Zion Holiday Fund and mail it to Charlotte Moran, 2530 The Bent Twig, Seabrook Island, SC 29455. Other committee members will be happy to take your checks as well. They are: Marilyn Armstrong, 843-768-9252; Paula Adamson, 843-768-4881; Flo Gilson, 678-643-5755 and Jane Marvin, 336-413-0704. Your checks may also be dropped off at the Seabrook Island Racquet Club or Golf Shop.

Your contribution will put an extra wide smile on the face of a child who receives a gift made possible by you. And maybe it will just make your holiday season merrier as well.

-Submitted by the Mt. Zion Fundraiser Committee

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