Parking on Seabrook Island Roads

A gentle reminder brought to you by the SIPOA Safety and Security Committee.

Rules and Regulations Governing Parking on
Seabrook Island Roads

The purpose of this article is to clarify the parking rules on Seabrook Island roads.

Parking is permitted on the road and the grass portion of the right-of-way in front of unimproved lots.

Parking on the grass in front of improved lots is allowed only with the property owners’ permission. Otherwise the vehicle must have all four tires on the road.

To the extent practicable, parked vehicles are to be facing the direction of travel and on one side of the road.

No parking is allowed within 50 feet of all traffic islands and fire hydrants. No permanent street parking on the streets of Seabrook Island.

And as to whether or not you should park, ask yourself “Can an emergency vehicle get through?”

If further clarification is needed, please go to:
The website, under the ‘Library’ tab, click on ‘Rules and Regulations’. Go down the document tree to “Government Documents” and click on the ‘SIPOA Rules and Regulations’ document, page 9, section 6.

-Submitted by the Safety and Security Committee

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