God Paints Every Morning…

God paints every morning…. somewhere. You just have to be patient.  At 6:30 am, He was still mixing His colors…

IMG_0391The sun rises and a splash of rainbow colors paint both sky and clouds


Like Loggerhead hatchlings, footprints in the sand reveal being drawn toward His light, ……. but then turning back. It is not time yet. I am reminded there’s work to be done among the wonder.

But it is good to know, He’s back at Seabrook Island on this morning.

IMG_0384 - Version 2

There are no 1 of 100 prints for sale here. Each moment is an ever changing priceless original.  A camera click catches a second in time never to be duplicated.


Looking back, color will soon chase us past Pelican’s Nest. Waves lap quietly on an almost quiet, rippled sandy shore as we head to boardwalk 12 and end our morning walk.

On my way back to the car, I stop to say hello to a couple of locals, who appear curious. Why is this guy talking to us?

What a great place to live.

–  Submitted by Will Wiehn

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