D.I.R.T. Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that the Seabrook genealogy group, Digging Into Roots Together (D.I.R.T.), will meet this coming Wednesday,  Sept 9, 2015 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in Osprey 2 at the Lake House.

This week we will be working together to organize the “genealogy social” that we are hosting during our Sept 23 meeting.   We will be inviting residents of Kiawah and Kiawah River Estates who may be interested in participating in our group to join us for refreshments and learn what we are doing in D.I.R.T. We will also be working on a new project which we hope will help  our members get more organized, resolve their research issues more efficiently and grow their family trees.

The agenda can be accessed and previewed by visiting the blog at diggingtogether.blogspot.com and clicking on the tab labeled “Agenda”. If you are interested in genealogy and looking to network with others who share your passion, or would like some guidance getting started on your own family history journey, please join us. Each week someone will be available to provide assistance and answer questions.

Further information can be found on the blog or you can email us at diggingtogether@yahoo.com.

Submitted by  Denise Doyon

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