SIPOA Continues Calls for Volunteers: New Orientation Committee

When you first moved to Seabrook, or bought property here, did you wish you had some assistance in transitioning into your new community?  Well, here is your opportunity to help others.

SIPOA is looking for volunteers to participate in a program directed at all new Seabrook residents and property owners in an effort to familiarize them with our lovely community.  The newly formed Orientation Committee will consist of volunteers who will attempt to contact all new residents and property owners to provide them with an introduction and orientation to Seabrook Island.  All volunteers will be provided with tools to help in the familiarization process, including a Welcome Package prepared by SIPOA, talking points, and a summary of key rules.  Volunteers can use this information, along with their own wealth of experience, when they reach out and attempt to contact new members of our community.

Sound like fun? If you are interested and would like to volunteer, please contact Janet Gorski at

—Submitted by Janet Gorski
Vice President, SIPOA Board of Directors

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