Town Election on November 3

vote logoDon’t forget to vote on November 3 for Town officials.  Voting is at the Lake House from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Bring a government issued photo identification.  Those elected will be sworn in on Friday, November 6 at 11:00 am at the Town Hall followed by tea and cookies.

Pictures of the candidates for Mayor and Town Council follow.  4 seats are up for election on the Town Council. We have also included biographical information provided by the two mayoral candidates along with their reasons for running.  We have not included that information on the Council and Utility Commission candidates but it can be found in this months Seabrooker newspaper which can be viewed in the attached pdf file on page3.  Oct Seabrooker 2015

Ron Ciancio
Ron Ciancio

Mayoral Candidate Ron Ciancio:

Over the past four years, the Town has become a more effective part of our community.  I believe I have played a role in that effort and I would like the opportunity to continue to do so.  Since moving to Seabrook I have had the good fortune both to serve our community and obtain the experience and background necessary for the position of mayor.  I have been:
•       Elected twice to the town council, and currently serve as mayor pro tem.
•       Elected to the POA board of directors, served on its Executive Committee and chaired its Legal Committee.
•       A member of the Green Space Conservancy board, and served as its president.
•       A member of the Sea Island Habitat for Humanity board, and twice served as its president.
I retired from GATX Corporation in 2006 as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary.  While in private practice, I represented the City of Wheaton, Illinois as its city attorney.
If elected, I will:
•       Prioritize emergency preparedness.  The recent flooding and tornado on Johns Island underscore the importance of this task.  I have focused on this area as a member of council, and will continue to do so.
•       Make every effort to have the Town’s voice reflect its economic contribution to the county with respect to issues such as the safety and condition of Main, Bohicket and River Roads.
•       Leverage cooperation between the Town, Club and POA in areas of common interest to make their collective effort more effective.
•       Take greater advantage of the talents and volunteer spirit of our residents.

I would very much appreciate your support.

Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson

Mayoral Candidate Bill Nelson:

Married to Linda (for 51 years)
Two sons and four grandchildren
Moved to Seabrook 11 years ago.
Retired from IBM with 44 years of service in 2008.

Broad Experience

1.      Extensive IBM training and experience in Finance (IBM business unit CFO), planning, marketing, systems engineering, sales, product manufacturing and development, contract negotiations and general management (IBM Tucson General Manager).
2.      Exposure to municipal services through father’s career with the road department and brother’s work in the sheriff’s department. College summer job with the road department as a junior engineer
3.      Direct Experience with major earthquakes and floods in California and Arizona.

Town Involvement

1.      Editor and heavy contributor the Town of Seabrook Island Beach Management Plan in 2014.
2.      Attended most Town Council Meetings for the last 18 months.

Volunteer Work

1.      Board member and annual fund raising chairman for Pima Country (Tucson) United Way – raised $7.5 million.
2.      Board member of the Exchange Club where I created and maintained their website and coordinateed the administrative aspects of the Club’s dinner meetings.
3.      The most successful fundraiser for the Club with more Directory Ads sold than any other member over the last several years.
4.       Leadership of the Turtle Patrol and the Photography Club.

Plans for the Town

1.      Improved administrative operations, focusing on IT/filing systems and procurement.
2.      More open to the public.
3.      Improved emergency support.
4.      Expand the Town’s role as the people’s representative/lobbyist to the other layers of government.

Running for the four seats on the Council are:

Running unopposed for Utility Commission is Lee Vancini.

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