Full Moon Bonfire – Monday February 22

Full Moon Bonfire
Monday, February 22
Sunset – 6:12 pm
Moonrise – 6:20 pm
~ Full Snow Moon ~

We had a small but jovial group at our January Full Moon Bonfire.  The fire felt good but we hope for a little warmer conditions for this month’s bonfire.

Come on down for a time of visiting and enjoying the beauty of Seabrook Island at night.  We’ll gather just north of Boardwalk 6.

To keep things simple, each person brings what you want: food, drinks, chairs and a stick of firewood for a big bonfire. Nothing will be provided but a beautiful beach, a bonfire and, hopefully, a full moon.

Put these dates for the Full Moon Bonfires on your calendar:

Wednesday, March 23
Friday, April 22
Saturday, May 21

There’s always plenty of room on the beach for everyone, so invite a friend or bring your house guests.

Other Lunar / Full moon fun facts: How the Full Moon got its name (per Farmers Almanac).     Snow piles even higher in February, giving this moon its most common name, the Full Snow Moon Among tribes that used this name for the January moon, the February moon was called the Hunger Moon due to the challenging hunting conditions.  National Geographic says it is also sometimes called the Ice Moon.

I found another web site (http://home.hiwaay.net/~krcool/Astro/moon/moonnames.htm) which gives these names for other cultures:
Colonial American: Trapper’s Moon
Chinese: Budding Moon
American Indian (Cherokee): Bony Moon
American Indian (Choctaw): Little Famine Moon
American Indian (Dakotah Sioux): Moon of the Raccoon, Moon When Trees Pop
Celtic: Moon of Ice
English Medieval: Storm Moon
Neo Pagan: Snow Moon

February – From the Latin word februa, “to cleanse.” The Roman calendar month of Februarius was named for Februalia, a festival of purification and atonement that took place during this period.

Submitted by Judy Morr

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