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1448613416Benefits_cyclingAs Spring and the warm weather approaches, we want to remind everyone about the traffic rules on our roads. Most people know the rules, but we always have new visitors on the island.

There are about 25 miles of roads, many of them narrow, and these regulations ensure that everyone stays safe on our island.

• The speed limit is 25 mph and is strictly enforced.
• Come to a complete stop at every STOP sign.
• Do not pass bicycles at traffic islands. When coming upon someone on a bike, please stay a safe distance behind them. When they have cleared the island, you may pass them.

• Stay on the left side of the road facing traffic.
• Do not walk, jog or bike on the golf courses or cart paths.

• Bicycles must have lights on after dark.
• Ride in single file whether on the road or on a bike path.

These rules, as well as those on pets, boats, garbage collection, the beach, beach fires, noise, fireworks and wildlife can be found on  Once on the website, you will see on the upper right hand corner, a link that says “Owner/Resident.” Do not click on it; rather, hover over the text and you will see another link that says “Island Governance.” When you click on that link, it will bring you to a page that says “General Rules.” Click on it. The rules above and others are listed.

Enjoy Spring and the warm weather, and BE SAFE!

Submitted by Tidelines Editors

3 thoughts on “Be Safe”

  1. According to SIPOA Guidelines available on the POA website, pedestrians, joggers and skaters must stay on the left sight of the street, facing traffic. Bicyclists must ride on the right side of the streets, with traffic.

    Tidelines Editor

  2. A correction to this post. Skaters should skate on the right and follow same signalling as bikers. Skaters should NOT skate facing traffic.

  3. A correction to this post. Skaters should follow the rules of bicycles so they skate on the right, NOT facing traffic. They should also signal etc just as bicyclists shoiuld

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