Earth Day Celebration



The SIPOA Environmental Committee and other environmentally involved Seabrook organizations invite island residents to Celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22 from 9 am to 12 pm at the Lake House. The following is the current list of organizations that are participating:

1. The Environmental Committee
2. Audubon International Sustainable Communities
3. Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol
4. Seabrook Gardeners
5. Green Space Conservancy
6. Sea Dogs
7. Seabrook Island Birders
8. Seabrook Garden Club
9. St. Christopher’s Herpetology department (live critters included!)

Each group will showcase the unique role it plays in caring for our beautiful semi-tropical piece of paradise. Some will have a fun educational activity for participants.

The EC will feature topics of interest ranging from Waste Management and Recycling to Blue Birds to Wildlife Management.

Not to be missed is NOAA national expert, Doug Marcy, who will speak on the critical issue of sea level rise at 10:30 am in Live Oak Hall. After concluding his talk he will field questions from the audience.

With the lake as a back drop, residents are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and beach chair to enjoy the Spring sights, colors and sounds on the Lake House lawn. You will be able to view live lady bugs that will be released at dusk in the community gardens.

Cooks are invited to enter the “Earth (dirt) Cake” contest. The most decorative cake will win a prize to be announced in the near future. Plates and utensils will be furnished for everyone to partake.

It seems there is a plethora of coastal environmental concerns at this moment in time that need to be understood fully and addressed appropriately. Our island is blessed with residents who are experts in a wide variety of local, regional, national and world affairs.

Many of these experts are involved with Seabrook’s environmental organizations. You will meet some of them as you explore the various groups and learn how they are protecting and preserving our natural environment on Seabrook.

Celebrate the day by educating yourself and even volunteering a bit of your time to one or more of these groups. Without them Seabrook would not be the beautiful, inviting green place that it is. Please make sure to thank them for their hard work.

For more information and to sign up to make an “Earth Cake” please email Jane Marvin,

Submitted by Jane Marvin

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