Winds Increasing; Debris Building on Roads

FenceDownAlthough there has been a hiatus in the rain since mid-morning, winds have increased over the hours since noon. A circuit of the island between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM revealed that a layer of lightweight debris has built up on most Island roads (leaves, mulch, twigs, small branches, palmetto fronds). In locations near the ocean, onshore winds have been strong enough to knock down construction fencing at the Atrium Villas.

No large limbs in roads were encountered and roads are passable. The minor flooding at this morning’s high tide (i.e., at Little Creek/Baywood/Seabrook Island Road) is gone. The parkway to Freshfields was clear as of this circuit.

Due to risk of falling debris, there is good reason to exercise caution in going out.

-Tidelines Editor

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