bull-gator-paw-pawOn a warm and sunny 29 September a group of 13 SINHG members ventured into the waters of Caw Caw Preserve by canoe. Participants were Ellen and Bob Alexander, Roni and Joe Berttucci, Alison and Gary Bowers, Craig and Nancy Hanson, Judy Morr, Robert and Bob Skilkett, Shaun and Sarah Sullivan. It was a fun outing in which a combined overland stroll and marsh paddle provided ample wildlife for the group to observe, and everyone stayed on the right side of the water surface.

armadillo-caw-cawWe saw a variety of birds; a bumbling, near-sighed armadillo; and an emerald green tree frog up close while walking toward the canoe launch site. While walking on a dike near the fresh and salt water marsh interface, Craig Hanson spotted a big bull alligator in a nearby canal, which proved to be noisily consuming a large, crunchy, ill-fated turtle. The gator finished up his meal with a full throated rumble-roar that conveyed the message that he was content, and that he was not to be trifled with.

Our Caw Caw park interpreter guides did a great job of helping us understand what we were seeing and hearing. The take away is that there is much natural life in the low country, with a concentration at the Caw Caw Preserve. Incidentally, we understand that Caw Caw is one of the unique positive attributes of the Charleston area which is under consideration for certification as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations.

(Photo credit:  Shaun Sullivan)

-Submitted by Shaun Sullivan

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