Yin Yoga ‘pop-up’ class

When: Saturday, March 11                                                                                                                                                    

Time: 4:15-5:15pm   Where: Live Oak Hall, The Lake House   Cost: $12

Want to stretch more deeply, focusing on the deeper connective tissue in the low back, hips and legs? Yin Yoga is a passive practice where the surface muscles are relaxed. Yin yoga gets more into the connective tissue, joints, fascia, ligaments and tendons of the body. The emphasis is between the navel and the knees. Most of the postures focus on the low back, hips, and sometimes the shoulders and are done while seated, supine (on your back) or prone (on your stomach). A posture like Downward Facing Dog may only be used as a transition. Postures are are held with your muscles relaxed for 3-5 minutes. The key is to let go, release and allow yourself to go deep into these areas that may have become stiff and immobile through time.

Please contact Natasha Stevens: noo.stevens@gmail.com for more information or to sign up. The class is defined as semi-private and does not form part of the group schedule. Charges are made to your POA account.

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The Lake House

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