Turtle Patrol Weekly Report – June 26th through July 2nd


It was another busy week for the Turtle Patrol with new nests coming in bunches. We had 8 new nests for the week and they were all crammed into three days.

This year we had 34 nests in June, second only to 36 in 2010 and 2015. Our total nests for May and June is 54, second only to 55 in 2015.You may recall that we had 75 nests in 2015 which was our all-time record. Needless to say, we’re off to a great start!

Looking forward to the inventories beginning in the next week or so

June 27, 2017 – Nests 46 through 49
North beach was popping this morning with nests 46, 47 & 48. Nest 46 was near the first dog sign, 47 was near the second dog sign and 48 was near the Kiawah River. All were relocated to higher ground near the first dog sign.
Nest 46 had 90 eggs, 47 had 94 eggs and 48 had 94 eggs. The walkers were Pam Salvestrini, Ruby Jenkins and Mary Van Deusen. Judy Morr found nests 46 and 48 and Bill & Linda Nelson found nest 47.
Jane Magioncalda, Bob and Vicky Becker and their guests found the crawl of nest 49 just north of the Club. Tim Morawski & Terry Fansler responded with Gayle Evans assisiting. Tim Morawski found the nest of 122 eggs. The nest was very narrow all the way down and 21 eggs were broken in the middle of the nest.

June 28, 2017 – Nests 50 & 51
Zone 3 had two crawls that became nests 50 and 51. Judy Morr and Jo & Jim Eisenhauer were the walkers
Nest 50 was south of the vehicle entrance to the beach. Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss & Gayle Evans responded. Prober Trainee Gayle Evans found the eggs on only her second day of training. Nice start for Gayle! There were 142 eggs in the nest. 135 eggs were moved close to boardwalk 6. Several eggs were impaled on roots inside the nest.
Nest 51 was near boardwalk 6. The crawl was found by young visitor Hallie Johnson. She and her father walk every morning. Tim Morawski found the 99 eggs.

June 29, 2017 – Nests 52, 53 & 54
Another busy morning on the beach with nests 52, 53 and 54!
Deb Wein, Dave Roberts and Norm Powers called first with 2 crawls. The first was into the myrtles just north of where the horses enter the beach. The second was near boardwalk 4. Bill& Eileen Middleton responded. Bill started at the myrtles. After significant probing, he took a break from that site and went to the crawl near boardwalk 4. There he found Nest 53 and its 87 eggs. Norm and Eileen worked together to move them to their new home north of boardwalk 6.

Mimi Montague, Pixie Hider and Lynne Madison reported two crawls on North Beach. Tim Morawski responded. The first crawl was just beyond the second dog sign meandering into the protected bird area. Tim worked the various potential locations and eventually declared it a false crawl.

Further down the beach there was another crawl at the bend to the inlet. Judy Morr responded and found the nest with 122 eggs. Nest 52 was relocated to higher ground about 100 yards north of boardwalk 6.

Meanwhile. Bill Middleton and Tim Morawski went back to the myrtles. Tim found Nest 54. Tim, Judy and Eileen moved the 125 eggs to a new location 20 yards south of Nest 53.

It was another strong week for the Seabrook Island Loggerheads. Let’s hope they keep coming.


-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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