Eclipse Safety Glasses Alert

The Post and Courier ran an article today warning people to make sure the glasses they have purchased are safe for viewing the eclipse Eclipse glasson August 21.

Don’t be fooled by the glasses having just the ISO marking.  One Tidelines editor checked her glasses with the suggested ones that the American Astronomical Society recommends per the P&C article.  The manufacturer’s name was similar to one on their website.  This morning, Amazon notified her that the ones she purchased through them cannot be verified as safe by Amazon and is refunding her money, even though they have the ISO sign.

The important point here is to double check the glasses you purchased.

The article from the Post and Courier can be accessed here.

To go directly to the American Astronomical Society website, click here. This site can also be opened from the Post and Courier article.

Tidelines Editor


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3 Responses to Eclipse Safety Glasses Alert

  1. Sheila Quigley says:

    THANK YOU 😊 Sheila Quigley

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Linda Sivert says:

    I also got the email from Amazon about eclipse glasses that I had purchased. I just bought some certified ones at Wonder Works in Freshfields yesterday as replacement ones.

  3. Debbie Robinson says:

    The store at Bohicket Marina is selling great-looking Seabrook Island solar eclipse tee shirts for $20 apiece, and a portion of the profits of sales goes to Sea Island Habitat. Each shirt purchased also comes with a pair of eclipse-viewing glasses! How can you go wrong? Many thanks to Mr Todd at Bohicket Marina for his generosity toward Sea Island Habitat for Humanity.

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