Amazon Echo and Alexa with Chad Droze on November 9 at the Lake House

Seabrookers who are interested in learning about the hot tech gadget of 2016 will want to attend this forum with Chad Droze of the Post and Computer Store. Chad will explain and demonstrate the practical uses of Amazon’s Personal Assistant “Alexa” that is built into Amazon’s branded smart speakers, the Echo, the Tap, the Dot, and the Show.

Date: Thursday, November 9th  
Time: 3:00pm
Location: The Lake House

Topics Covered:
*What is Amazon Alexa and what can it do?
*A list of commands and functions Alexa can perform with a simple voice command.
*Difference between the varieties of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled speakers
*Practical uses of Alexa in your home and everyday life.
*The future of Amazon and how it is trying to make our lives more convenient.

Attendees are encourages to bring something to jot down notes, but do not need to bring their own Amazon devices.

Fee: No Cost
Registration: Pre-registration is required to attend. Forum is limited to 30 participants. Walk-ins will not be permitted. To register, please email Janet Pasquale at

-Submitted by The Lake House

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