Care of Plants After a Freeze

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The Clemson Cooperative Extension has issued a publication about winter cold damage to outdoor plants.  One of the articles talks about what to do now that plants have been injured by the recent unusually cold weather.

“Do not be in a hurry to prune or remove your damaged plants. Some plants may appear dead, but they are not. Corrective pruning should not be started until the full extent of the damage can be determined.
Injury to foliage and tender shoots should be visible within a few days, but it may be several months before damage to larger limbs can be determined. Wait to see if any live green foliage reappears or gently scrap under the outer layer of bark to see if green wood is present.
Once you have determined the extent of damage, remove any dead wood. There is very little that can be done to revive plants suffering from the extreme effects of freezing. Watering cold-damaged plants that appear wilted will not help to revive them.”

To read the complete publication, click here.

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