Strength and Conditioning Class

Check out the Strength and Conditioning Class with Allison on Fridays at 9:15 am at the Lake House.

It’s an excellent class for improving muscle tone, strength and stamina! The class is easy to follow and utilizes interval style workouts that include weight training, cardio intervals, body weight functional training and core

Participation will result in improved joint mobility, improved stability and greater muscle fiber recruitment, all of which help to elevate and sustain metabolic activity, thus providing a great overall conditioning workout.

7 Benefits of Interval Training

  • Increased endurance – Interval training trains your heart to pump more blood to the muscles and it trains your muscles to extract oxygen from it more efficiently, making all your other workouts easier to handle
  • More efficient workouts – If you don’t have much time, interval workouts are great timesavers, allowing you to get a lot done in a shorter period of time
  • More fuel efficiency – Interval training enhances your body’s utilization of fats and carbs
  • More power and endurance – Working at high intensities raises your lactate threshold and improves your performance
  • Reduced risk of injury – Because you’re varying intensity, you may be able to avoid overuse injuries or overdoing it with longer workouts
  • More fun – Interval workouts have much more variety than other workouts, making them less tedious
  • Weight loss – Studies show that interval training, even at a moderate intensity, may burn more fat and, if you work hard enough, can increase after burn.

Interval training involves alternating segments of high-intensity exercise with periods of rest. This allows you to work more in a shorter period of time and it’s much more comfortable than spending the entire workout at a high intensity. Another plus is that it works for all types of exercisers. For beginners, aerobic intervals offer a safe and comfortable way to push out of the comfort zone and, for seasoned exercisers, anaerobic intervals make workouts more challenging and effective. It’s even been shown to improve patients with COPD and metabolic syndrome.

Join Alison on Fridays at 9:15 AM for Strength and Conditioning!

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