Abridged Environmental Committee Minutes – July 10

The Wild Life Mapping link has not been emailing sightings to committee members after a report has been sent. Rich Siegel worked with Shawna Jarrett and tested the system; a notice was sent to Philip Miller, Roger Banks and Charley Moore. It looks like data can now be collected.

Nature Trails are in good shape right now. Two Boardwalks (3A & B) used Trex, a wood substitute which is not holding up. Some boards are being replaced. Boardwalk 4 has one board rotted out; maintenance will be informed. Members of the Environmental Committee and SINHG are working together to update the published information on The Lake House Trail.

Philip Miller talked with the director of Mission Blue, to further clarify what actually would occur if Seabrook Island was to pursue achieving this goal. She asked this interesting question, “What are you trying to achieve?” Perhaps the best question is “What can Mission Blue do for us?” Seabrook Island currently does much for the community to coexist with nature. At this time any further perusal will be tabled.

Dolphin Watch is going well, however Seabrook Island could use more volunteers.  Philip Miller has developed two phone applications for watching and reporting dolphin strand feeding activity. One is a citizen science type app to report dolphin or other wildlife sightings and could be used by beach walkers, fishermen, etc. The Dolphin Watch app will be rolled out to watchers as soon as the director is satisfied with it.

–Submitted by Lucy Hoover, EC Communications