Abridged Environmental Committee Minutes, January 9

Members Present: Rich Siegel, Barry Shedrow, Dean Morr, Charley Moore, Con Constandis, Philip Miller, Lucy Hoover

The December Minutes were approved as published.

Three wildlife mapping reports were received in the last month.

Recycling was up to over 30% of trash collected in the last month. This is a significant increase over the norm. There have been some questions about how to get a recycling bin for homes; residents should simply call SIPOA and Steve Hirsch will see that a recycling bin is delivered.

The existing bridge to Nancy Island, which is a Green Space Conservancy property, can be maintained by SIPOA according to the deed. There has been some damage to the bridge, which should be on an GOMC list for improvements to be budgeted.

Post and Courier reported on January 9 that SC Attorney General, Alan Wilson, has joined the lawsuit filed by South Carolina coastal towns (including Seabrook Island) and conservation organizations to prevent the present Federal administration from opening up the Atlantic to oil and gas exploration.

The Blue Bird Society will begin monitoring boxes in March. Communications to Seabrookers wishing to take part in the data gathering will be published in February. At 5pm on January 17, The Seabrook Island Birders will hold a seminar at the Lake House explaining the use of an e bird identification app on a smart phone  The annual meeting and election will be on January 30, presenting Aija and Ed Konrad’s “Tales of a Big Birding Year.” Aija and Ed traveled extensively, identified 570 different bird species and the presentation will include Ed’s photographs. On January 22 at 4pm, the Seabrook Island Birders will show the movie, THE BIG YEAR in the Lake House.

February 2 is the next litter pick up on Betsy Kerrison.

As a follow up to the motion and vote taken during the December’s Environmental Committee Meeting on the Garden Plots Agreement, the Legal Committee will present a motion to keep Mary Johnson as a gardener. The motion will be presented at The Board Meeting on January 14 for a vote. The first election of Gardeners’ Community will be held at a meeting on January 14 at 4pm.

The Marine Mammal Network efforts have been received positively by Seabrook Island property owners and visitors. Monitoring was cut back in October and ended in December. The dolphins remain active in the winter, but frequently weather conditions make monitoring unpleasant. Volunteers will resume monitoring on the Seabrook side of the cut in April. A Charleston area event planned by Lauren Rust, SC Marine Mammal Network, will involve communities in spotting marine mammals and building a data base. Support from both SIPOA and The Town of Seabrook Island has been good and appreciated by the participants.

There will be no Environmental Committee meeting in February.

-Submitted by Lucy Hoover, Environmental Committee Communications