A Message About NextDoor

SIPOA Banner June 2018
NextDoor is an open social platform, supposedly moderated but, in practice, the home of real discussions as well as periodic bouts of rumor-mongering, insults, slanders and other shenanigans. Some Board members monitor NextDoor, with both bemusement and amusement, but we do not comment on any posts; our staff’s time and our lives are way too short to waste on fact-checking the rumors. Heather ensures that the staff uses their time more productively than reading social media. They work on the real problems and matters that directly affect our Seabrook experience.

A case in point is the recent spate of posts regarding a private event at the Community Center. The event was held in accordance with the Rules and Regulations, which require that the pool may only be used by property owners and their accompanied guests, and that it remains open to other property owners. The R & R are, of course, made by you, the property owners, working through SIPOA committees and the Board. The post reported that there was a “group of at least 30 people” using the pool, and there were various subsequent expressions of outrage.
Finally, a property owner asked the office about the event. The office reviewed the pool area security camera tapes from the time; there were a maximum of 10 people in the pool at any time (we don’t know their identities, or how many were property owners). That maximum number was observed at 12 p.m.; the event started at 1.30 p.m. The event followed all the R & R.

So, please, rather than venting your spleen about something you think has happened, ask the SIPOA office. Use publiccomment@sipoa.org and you’ll get the real story, not the NextDoor version.

Guy Gimson
President, SIPOA Board of Directos