An Addition to Our Enchanted Forest

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You have been away from Seabrook; perhaps just for a short errand or for an extended period of time. Just as the Lake House is passed and our welcoming Canopy greets you; you feel you’re more relaxed, the beauty is admired and that feeling of home descends. The Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy was pleased that at the July 23 Town Council Meeting a Second Reading of an Ordinance to amend the .95+/- acre lot located at 2820 Dove Nest Drive from Single Family Residential to Agricultural-Conservation. In other words, the lot is now officially Seabrook Island Green Space. This addition is contiguous to the Canopy and the protected natural area has now grown to over three acres.

Not only is the area beautiful, it is beneficial to all of us enjoying Seabrook Island. The large contiguous area helps to reduce road noise and absorbs excess water from storms and floods. Perhaps you have noticed the air cooling as you pass under the Live Oaks or have seen a family of deer, wild turkeys, a bobcat or interesting bird. All of these phenomena are now protected and enhanced by this green space.

During the public comments at the Town Council Meeting, Ray Hoover whose home is adjacent to the newly acquired property expressed his enthusiastic support of the ordinance, which later in the meeting was unanimously approved. He shared a comment made by his six-year-old Granddaughter, Addy when visiting during the same week. “This is my Enchanted Forest.” Now it is an Enchanted Forest for all of us; and because of Conservancy protection shall be for Addy’s children and grandchildren.

SIGSC 2820 Dove Nest Lot July 2019

Addy’s Enchanted Forest

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