Turtle Patrol Inventory – Sunday, August 4

Turtle patrol will inventory nests 40, 42, 43 & 46 on Sunday, August 4 beginning at 4 pm. We’ll begin with Nest 40 located near the danger sign at Camp St Christopher (boardwalk 9 and turn right), found by Amanda & Joshua Shilko. Then Nest 46 located in front of the 2nd house past the club (near boardwalk 7) found by Bob & Vicki Becker, Joe Ficarra & Jane Magioncalda. Next is Nest 43 located 75 yards north of boardwalk 6 found by Lisa Hand and Rachel Carter. Finally, Nest 42 located 100 yards north of boardwalk 1, found by Jane Magioncalda, Joe Ficarra, Laura Logan, Amanda & Joshua Shilko.

Click here to view the SI Boardwalk map

-Submitted by Gary Fansler