Spotlight on Nic Porter from SIPOA Staff

Max and NicThe Lake House is frequently a very busy place, as one look at the parking lot will usually show. There are dozens of fitness classes each week and an equal number of events taking place in its many meeting rooms. At certain times of the year, the Oyster Catcher Community Center is definitely the place to be. Keeping all these balls in the air at one time is the job of Nic Porter, the Director of The Lake House and Oyster Catcher Community Center.

Many of you may only know Nic because of his dog Max – the coolest dog in town.  It is possible that you may have seen Max sitting outside of Starbucks in Freshfields, in a chair, wearing sunglasses and waiting patiently for Nic while panting over – but not touching – a plate of bacon.  They can often be seen behind a screen of people taking pictures of Max. Nic acquired Max as a four-month-old puppy in a classic case of “who rescued who.”

Nic is a graduate of the famous Marshall University with a degree in Exercise Physiology.  He came to Seabrook and started working for The Club in 2007 before coming to The Lake House at its inception in 2009.  Nic is an avid participating sportsman in any number of sports including golf, tennis, rec softball, flag football, and volleyball.  He also completed his first (and probably only) marathon in 2015 and has a couple of sprint triathlons under his belt. But Nic has much more to offer than sports.  He has a photography business and is involved in other business ventures as well.  

If you are looking for an indication of Nic’s desire to serve the Seabrook Island public and continue to make our home a great place to visit and live, consider that he has already been working here for nearly 13 years, come rain or shine.  We are very fortunate to have someone with Nic’s experience, knowledge, and dedication on our Seabrook Island POA staff.

-Rich Siegel, Tidelines Writer