Hints for Wearing Glasses with a Mask

Now that wearing masks is our new normal, it can be a challenge to wear a mask with glasses or sunglasses.  They fog up and make it difficult to see.

There are several tips about how to lessen the effect of warm moist air emanating from your mouth and nose onto your glasses.  The bottom line is that this air needs to be stopped from reaching the inside of the glass:

  • Wash your glasses with warm soapy water.  Let them air dry and it will create a thin film that will prevent the moisture from adhering to the glass.
  • Put a folded tissue between your mouth/nose and the mask.  This will absorb the moist air.
  • The top of the mask needs to be tight against your nose. Some masks come with a wire at the top.  Pinch it so it is close to your nose.
  • Put double-sided tape between the top of the mask and your nose.
  • Adjust the eye pads on your glasses so they fit a little further from your nose.  This will let the air escape from your glasses.
  • If you are wearing a surgical mask with ties, try crisscrossing the ties so the top tie goes below your ears and the bottom tie above your ears.  This can also work with elastic ties but is a bit trickier.
  • Breath downward by placing your top lip over your bottom lip.
  • Try a commercial de-fogging product.
  • Purchase lenses with an anti-fogging coating

Be aware and be safe for yourself and others.

Tidelines Editors

(Image credit:  Mashable SEA)

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