Come Join the SI Dolphin Education Program

Dolphins Stranding on SI July 2018

How would you like to spend more time on the beach observing the strand feeding dolphins twice a month during the two hours before and after low tides?

Our education program, funded by the Town of Seabrook Island, provides on-site educators on the beach daily between May and December. Volunteers are trained and provide visitors with a unique experience by answering questions, identifying individual dolphins, and sharing their knowledge with visitors. Aside from collecting valuable data for this research program, they also post signs and encourage bystanders to stand back 45 feet to allow the dolphins to feed undisturbed. Our preliminary data shows the dolphins strand feed more often when bystanders are more than 45 feet back, allowing the best chance to see them feed.

The success of this program is entirely dependent upon volunteers from Seabrook Island. We are currently looking for volunteers for the 2021 season. Volunteers are required to work 4-hour shifts, 2 days per month, engage with the public, and record basic data. We provide chairs, an umbrella, and all data materials and training. We also have COVID protocols in place to ensure volunteer and visitor safety.

We will begin virtual training in April. If you’d like to learn more, please email Lauren Rust @ If you’d like to follow the dolphins or support our cause, please visit our website or the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network on Facebook. 

-Submitted by Lauren Rust, Dolphin Education Program

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