Sea Turtle Season Begins in May

The beginning of May is the official start of Sea Turtle season here on Seabrook Island. Soon you will be seeing the Turtle Patrol volunteers walking the beach in their colorful tee shirts. Everyone can help protect our sea turtles by taking the following steps:

  • Lights Out! If you have a home along the beach, turn off exterior lights and draw blinds by 10:00 pm. Bright lights discourage nesting and attract hatchlings away from the water.
  • Stay clear of nests and out of the dunes.
  • Fill in any holes and level any sand structures that you make on the beach and remove all equipment from the beach before leaving. Tiny hatchlings and large nesting mothers can become stuck or ensnared in these obstructions.
  • If you see a nesting turtle or emerging hatchling, please keep your distance and notify the Turtle Patrol at 843-310-4280.

For further information visit our website –

-Submitted by Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol