Order a Third Set of COVID Tests

Most of us have received the first two sets of free COVID-19 tests from the US Government. Did you know that a third set of four at-home tests is now available?

It is a good idea to have extra tests on hand if you have been exposed to one of the variants, if you have symptoms of COVID-19, or just to give friends that may need a test. The idea is to have a test on hand if you need it. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still recommending isolation if you have COVID or have been exposed to it.

Another reason to order additional tests is that the test you have at home may be expired. According to the FDA, COVID-19 tests and the parts they are made of may degrade, or break down, over time.  Because of this, expired test kits could give inaccurate or invalid test results. However, the FDA goes on to say that the expiration dates for at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests may be extended as additional stability data is collected.  You can check the Expiration Date column of the List of Authorized At-Home OTC COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests to see if the expiration date for your at-home OTC COVID-19 test has been extended and how to find any new expiration date

To order your third set of free COVID-19 at-home tests, click here. If you did not receive the first two sets of in-home tests or have questions, you can order them as well. This website also has a phone number and answers to frequently asked questions.

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(Image credit: pixabay.com)