Thank you, Seabrook Island!

In July, Support Mt. Zion Kids appealed to readers of Tidelines, and other publications, requesting funds to purchase needed school supplies that the local school system does not provide. The response was overwhelming; 96% of the money came from Seabrook Island residents and property owners. With your generous donations, Support Mt. Zion Kids provided teacher-requested supplies such as crayons, scissors, art paper, notebooks, or pencil boxes for each classroom. The school’s “closet” is well stocked with multiple sizes of khaki pants and shorts, polo shirts, zip-style sweatshirts, socks, and underwear. In addition, the school’s PTO sold school spirit wear (polos or sweatshirts printed with the school’s name), and we bought several shirts in each size for children whose families could not make this extra purchase. Our organization also fulfilled requested supplies from the school’s counselor and nurse.

Hope Johnson, the school counselor, relayed a special thank you from the teary-eyed parent of a child who entered school this year. The family could not afford proper clothing for their young son, but the closet could provide him with a week’s supply of shorts, polo shirts, underwear, socks, and a school sweatshirt. As a result, the little boy now attends school regularly because he is appropriately dressed, and the mother wants to send her sincere thanks. Similar scenarios appear throughout the year, and we are quietly ready to help.

From Anna Mims, the Mt. Zion Elementary School Principal:

The Mt. Zion team is so thankful to have such an incredibly supportive community on Seabrook Island. Your generosity has enabled us to do so many wonderful things for our students, including providing school supplies, uniforms, and personal hygiene products as well as supplying items that support special projects in classrooms and throughout the school. Thank you for donating to Support Mt. Zion Kids and for volunteering your time and energy as you are able! 

Thank you all so much for remembering our larger community. Support Mt. Zion Kids is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

-Submitted by Lucy Hoover, Elaine Davis, Valerie Luzadder

(Image credits: Teachers Pay Teachers and Mt. Zion School)