CERT Looking for Medical Volunteers

Seabrook Island Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was established on Seabrook Island in 2006 when a number of concerned residents undertook and completed the FEMA-designed training through the Charleston County Office of Emergency Management. This all-volunteer organization is trained to respond to life-threatening emergencies when professionals are not available and to serve as support when they are available.

CERT is looking for volunteers that have a medical background.  They can be active or retired medical professionals and be willing to volunteer to assist with triage if an emergency situation occurred on the Island.

If you are interested in volunteering or know of anyone that might be interested in assisting CERT please contact Team Leader, Steve Pollock, at (516) 510-9029 or Denise Kotva at (843) 814-4551.

-Submitted by Denise Kotva

(Image credit: en.wikipedia.org)