Property Owner Spotlight -Are We Fit Yet?

l to r: Carol Ann Hoffman, Mark Durinsky, Derek Fyfe, Joe Berttucci, Bob Alexander, Ray Hoover, Greg Saver, Mary Moore Hamrick, and Regina Cariello. Not pictured: Joann Gallivan

In 2016 a random group of Seabrook Island residents enrolled in a new “Fit Camp” class at the Lake House, and over 900 workouts later, they are still training together three mornings a week.

Initially, exercises were simple push-ups, jumping jacks, and dumbbell exercises, often using the Tabata method of multiple repetitions divided by frequent short rests. The intensity of these exercises gradually increased as the group became more fit. One member commented, “When I started, I couldn’t even do one sit-up or push-up; but now we often do a hundred or more during one class.”

When the Lake House closed due to the emerging pandemic in March 2020, they re-grouped and moved the classes to the beach. For two years, they remained undeterred by soaking rains, sweltering heat, stifling humidity, and sometimes bone-chilling cold; they kept working out with their imperturbable coach, Mark Durinsky. As no shared equipment was allowed while maintaining 6-feet of separation, only bodyweight exercises could be used. There were endless bear crawls, crab walks, army crawls, lunges, push-ups, burpees, and running forward, backward, and sideways. These new exercises often provoked near continuous commentary; “A hundred push-ups, you’ve got to be kidding; I’m not a runner; Army crawls kill my elbows; Are we done yet,” etc.

When the Lake House re-opened, still wary of COVID, the group chose to remain outside exercising in the driveway or on the back porch during rain, with routines now including weights, ropes, and even a rowing machine. They collectively carry, swing, press, and lift hundreds of pounds of kettlebells and dumbbells, strain under the persistent tension of resistance bands, and slog through incalculable meters on rowing machines. As they perform these tasks and run countless miles around the Lake House parking lot, their exercises are often accompanied by non-stop running commentary; “Oh no, we just did this on Monday; Are you sure this is good for us?” as well as frequent irreverent teasing of each other.

The group is adamant that their Fit Camp classes helped maintain their sanity during the lockdown, often providing the only chance for social interaction at times. While never taking themselves too seriously, they always take their exercises together very seriously despite the near continuous good-natured grief given by their patient, unflappable instructor.

Fitness and exercise first brought the group together, but like so much on Seabrook Island, their bond and friendship keep them together, and will continue to bring them back to the Lake House three times every week.

“We may not be building up huge muscles, but we are most certainly maintaining the ones we have, and apart from a hip replacement here or a back strain there, we seem to be in pretty good shape.”

“Are we fit yet?” – Definitely, fit for anything!

-Prepared by Derek Fyfe
-Submitted by Ray Hoover