2023 Disaster Awareness Day Recap

On Thursday, June 1, 2023, the Town of Seabrook Island hosted this year’s Joint Disaster Awareness Day event with The Town of Kiawah Island.

With many residents in attendance, both communities (Kiawah and Seabrook Island) gathered to discuss everything related to storm evacuation, communications, and recovery efforts & safe return; each topic had a dedicated panel of experts to help guide the conversations and answer questions from the community.

Additionally, the Town was pleased to have Trooper Bob (Bob Beres) serving as the event’s moderator and mc.

The Mayors for the Towns of Seabrook Island and Kiawah Island would like to thank all who were in attendance and are looking forward to the 2024’s event.

For individuals unable to attend, click here to watch the 2023 Disaster Awareness Day Event 1 hour and 46 minute video.

If you have limited time and are just interested in a specific topic, select that item from the list below to watch that particular part of the event.

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

(Image credit: Town of Seabrook Island)