Salute from the Shore Flyover July 4

Now in its fourteenth year, Salute from the Shore has become South Carolina’s Fourth of July tradition.

This year’s Salute from the Shore will begin at the North Carolina/South Carolina border, 40 miles north of Myrtle Beach, at approximately 1:00 pm and will make its way down the South Carolina coastline.

The flyover will begin with two F-16s from Shaw Air Force Base and a C-17 from Charleston Air Force Base. Following the military planes will be civilian-owned and flown vintage aircrafts. These planes fly slower than the military planes and will extend the Salute through the afternoon. Beachgoers are encouraged to stick around after the initial military planes flyover to be able to see the vintage aircrafts. As always, please be mindful these are older planes with volunteer pilots, so weather conditions and mechanical issues play a role in how many ultimately fly. 

Grab your flags. Wear your red, white, and blue. Keep your eyes and ears alert, and wave your flags as the planes pass by.

For more information, visit Salute from the Shore.

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