SIAG September Artist of the Month, Meg Honeier

For 30 years Meg spent a large part of her life and career as the owner of a decorative painting company in the Chicago area. There she received her B.A. from Columbia College in Chicago. Now, she happily calls South Carolina her home. She is a member of the Seabrook Island Artist Guild and the Charleston Artist Guild.

The early 1990’s birthed the renaissance of the decorative painting movement. That movement and art style was a perfect fit for an artist like herself, allowing her to utilize the many skills learned in school and through her own experimentation. Fortunately, the influx of innovative products to create beautiful wall finishes were instrumental in keeping the movement going for several decades. Meg’s desire to create art and stay connected to the world of fine art led her to create her own paintings and enter fine art juried shows.

Currently, Meg uses two mediums, alcohol inks and acrylics, that she applies to her specially prepared surfaces. Large and atmospherically abstract is her favored way to bring a painting to life. She loves how she is able to manipulate her new mediums for her desired outcome. This keeps her always exploring.
Meg offers, “For me, the exploration of light and transparency in my work has been richly motivating.’’

Please join Meg for the Artist of the Month reception Tuesday, September 5 at The Lake House from 4:30-6:00 pm.

-Submitted by Bonnie Younginer, Seabrook Island Artist Guild

(Image credit: Meg Honeier)