Environmental Committee Minutes for September 2

This is an abridged version of the Environmental Committee minutes of the recent September 2 meeting. Complete minutes can be found on the SIPOA website in the property owners’ section.

The Beach Patrol gave out the most dog off leash warnings the month of June.  The majority of dog owners were responsive and cooperative.

The committee addressed the issue of bird protection on the restricted North Beach area near the old inlet/new berm.

SINHG is going to hand out a questionnaire to determine if there is interest in a birding group at their next program meeting.

Deer Survey Taskforce

The annual Seabrook Island deer survey will be conducted September 14-16 and November 10-12.

Turtle Patrol

Lori Porwoll reported there were a record 75 nests this year, beating the of record of 74 last summer. More wild nests were discovered as well. There are 10 nests left as of this date.

Bluebird Report

Seventy five Bluebird boxes were monitored this year. Volunteers observed 76 nests with 259 hatchlings.

Lake House Wildflower Project

The Greenery has submitted several proposals for the project which is currently being itemized.

Submitted by Jane Marvin

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  1. Do we track the recycling on Seabrook any longer? We used to track the volume of recycling and I am wondering why I haven’t seen any report of this recently. Is it up or down vs last year? By how much?

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