MUSC Seabrook Talking Circles, June 29

Medical University of South Carolina Health officials want to hear about health issues from local residents through a series of Lowcountry forums scheduled to begin later this month.

The 90-minute forums, or talking circles, will include eight to 12 participants with the goal of helping MUSC Health representatives better meet community health concerns. These forums will provide a health consumer’s perspective and enable MUSC Health providers to improve programs based on the input they receive.

The initial talking circles will be formed with volunteers age 65 and older. Individuals of any background or health status are welcome to attend. Meetings are planned to be held several times each year.

“We have found that asking our consumers of health care what they need and how to remove barriers to health is a critical first step,” relates the talking circle coordinator Philip Smeltzer. The insights provided by talking circle participants typically yield discoveries that program leaders would have overlooked without the firsthand input of consumers, according to Smeltzer.

The first meeting will be held at Kiawah Island on June 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm in the Kiawah Council Chambers. On the following day, June 29, 2017 Seabrook residents will meet at 2:00 pm in the Osprey Room at the Lake House.

Volunteers may contact MUSC Health Population Health at (843)792-6637 or

-Submitted by Philip Smeltzer

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